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Dr. Ferdinand Wild

Group leader MS & ICP-MS


„Coupling the DOSTAL DOSY to Mass Spectrometers or other large equipment is a fabulous idea.“

„When I have a sample, whether there is only little volume, it is absolutely precious, I take it up where it is made - glove box, hood, bench - no problem – and go to the MS or HPLC and inject it straight. No dirt, no loss, no fuss.“

„DOSTAL DOSY is easy to use, it feels nice and handy. For me, it‘s a great little buzzing working bee.“


Read what Kate Tarasava - PhD Student - Protein Structure Determination - says concerning reproducible titrations using the DOSTAL DOSY.


Read also, what Dr. Igor Oleinich - Postdoc - DNA modifications - says concerning precise dosage employing the DOSTAL DOSY.


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